Family is not always blood, It’s the people in your life who want you into theirs, the ones who accept you for who you are, the ones who would do anything to see you smile & who love you no matter what.


And I’m proud to say that SRF is my Family too. You gave Ashvik the love, care, affection & attention that only a family can. You instilled confidence, respect and positivity in him, that has set him rolling for his journey ahead. Today as the year ends I take privilege in expressing my heartfelt gratitude for being true to your ideals and principles and shaping up the young one’s being.

: Mrs.Shika Mahendru Yadav & Mr.Mukesh Yadav( Parents of Ashvik)

Post on: Jan 28, 2016

Thanks SRF for showing us that learning could be creative and fun process. You inspired us to enjoy knowing the structure of writing which created a sense of confidence with written and oral Communication.

Mrs.Tulika( Parent of Avi Prakash)

Post on: Jan 28, 2016

As a parent, I entrust my greatest blessings to the staff of SHRI RAM FOUNDATION school and I am grateful for the loving care and guidance my son receives.


I am amazed and happy to have an experience with the teachers and even the Director, who herself takes care of each child and greets each child by his/her name.

My son has been blessed with awesome teachers & staff that understands my child and handles him gracefully. My child has learned so much and continues to share with me all the activities that are performed each day at school.


Thank you “Shri Ram Foundation” School for an incredible early childhood curriculum and a very special thanks to “Meenu Maám and Monika Maám” for bringing out the best in my child and helped him grow at his best.


Big thanks from my entire family.

Mrs.Devika Rajat Kohli (Parent of Nischay Kohli)

Post on: Jan 28, 2016

The quality of soil governs the growth of even the best quality of seeds. So is the role of SRF play school in the upbringing of our little beginners.

The caring, playful and loving environment of the school, the continuous endeavour of trained staff to improve themselves are few among so many qualities I cherish about the school. This made me confident to choose the same school from which my son also completed his Pre-nursery years.


It is an awesome experience to see these little novices being trained so well in all aspects of life at such an early stage. This also is accomplished at SRF without compromising on the kids playtime. They make learning a joyful experience.

So the best Play School I could suggest for the blooming future of our tiny tots is SRF.


Dr.Kalpana Jain( Mother of Ameya Jain)

Post on: Jan 25, 2016

"Getting the right pre-school for the child is always a challenge. We feel fortunate that we found SRF and got our son, Jivin admitted there. This one year has been a wonderful experience, not only for the child but for the entire family. It felt as if we evolved with him every day and learnt new things, which was an experience in itself.


The learning was made so much fun that he would never feel burdened and yet grasp things in the most natural way. The pedagogy imbibed is phenomenal. The child is given enough space & room to adapt and eventually come up the learning curve at his own pace, which we think, is the USP of SRF.


We take this platform to extend our warmest thanks to the faculty and management, who have designed the curriculum in a manner that ensures the children are transformed into better human beings without being part of the mad rat-race. They have made our child more vocal, confident and learned in all these months.


We so wish they had their formal schools as well so that he didn’t have to part ways with this amazing teaching environment.


Way to go SRF!


Mr.Amit Narula ( Parent of Jivin Narula)

Post on: Jan 23, 2016

"We have been very pleased with Shri Ram Foundation & the Experience.  We love the strong Montessori curriculum and believe our child has benefited immensely from the education she has received in the School.
By her actions & words we have experienced & enjoyed the new things she learns each day.
We love the faculty and the personal relationships they have developed with our child and our family as well..."

Mrs.Neema Jain( Parent of Nishka Jain)

Post on: Jan 21, 2016

Shri Ram Foundation School has been the best thing that happened to my daughter. She was welcomed with open arms & warm hearts that really touched me. The positive acceptance from the school inculcated in her, a sense of belongingness & desire to come to school every day.

There are a variety of opportunities for the all round development of children. Moreover the bond between the stakeholders in education, i.e, the child’s family, school & community has always been strengthened through various interactions. Heartfelt thanks to the entire team for their hard work.

Mrs.Latika Handa ( Parent of Kaavya Handa)

Post on: Jan 21, 2016

Shri Ram Foundation play School is one of the best School in Shahdara & Progressing day by day,wiith the efforts of the school Principal and the learned staff. The Students here are taught how to speak. The  qualified teachers make the best efforts to make the child an extrovert & prepare him for formal school.

The Director of the School Mrs.Sonal Ahuja & the staff of the school ensures proper take care & all round development of the children. And the Harmonious combination of both is admirable. School is located at a very Pious area where the life & destiny of the future citizen of the country is shaped. SRF encourages outdoor visits for its children. These visits are instructive, amusing & educative.

I admire SRF School from the core of My heart & wish promising progress in Future.

Mrs.Kokil Suri( Parent of Samarth)

Post on: Dec 08, 2014

My name is Parul and I am mother of Tani.My daughter Tani have had the wonderful benefits of attending Shreeram foundation pre school.The caring staff at this centre carry out their responsibility with great care and educate the child to a standard of excellence.
Children are treated with kindness and respect , each child is made to feel so valued and important.As a parent I have always found the lines of communication between the staff and parents.It is so wonderful to see my daughter growing in confidence and  I attribute much of this development to the way she is cared for and tought while at shreeram foundation.Warm regards


Mrs.Parul Aggarwal( Parent of Tani)

Post on: Dec 04, 2014

Ma'am, I must thank you for the efforts towards taking care of my ward Arnav Aggarwal.I am very much satisfied with the teachers and staff.The friendly, warm, supportive & healthy environment vanishes the fear of coming to school from my child's mind.Please keep up the Good job. Thank You All

Mrs.Preeti Aggarwal/ mother of Arnav Aggarwal

Post on: Dec 04, 2014


My ward Garv is a student at SRF for last 2 yrs and i am an educationist and understand the quality of education nicely. SRF is one of the best educational institute that i have ever seen and its success is owed to the unmatched dedication of its owners. They are educational visionaries and are passionate about quality of education. Also that they have nurtured  a very positive and encouraging environment in the school. Each and every staff member is highly dedicated towards student development and are also very caring for the little ones. An institution like this is perfect to start the career of our toddlers. I am very greatful to them as they have done much more than a school for my son. I wish them all the best for their future.


Mr.Praveen Tyagi ( Parent of Garv Tyagi)

Post on: Dec 04, 2014

I am keen to write down this feedback as I have already gone through various play schools and hence think myself to be in better position to compare this school against other schools operating in the region, and whatever I am writing down is all genuine and I really feel that.
We would like to THANKS SRF for all the care, affection and personal attention they are providing to our child. 
If have to define SRF in one word, it would be 'TRANSPARENT'.
The reason being, the school is all transparent in whatever they do, whatever curriculum they follow, whatever activities they have kids to follow.
The team is running school on moral values and not just as any other financial business. We can see and acknowledge all

Mr.Vipin Goel(Parent of Aanya Goel)

Post on: Dec 04, 2014

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